The Largest Pop Up Campers for Camping in Comfort

By Ryan Wilson

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largest pop up campers

Pop up campers tend to be lighter than many non-collapsable campers, making them a lot easier to tow with a wide range of vehicles. However, there is often concern that they might not be very large.

Because of their collapsable design, the largest pop up campers are often larger than many non-collapsable trailers.

I know when I first started considered buying a used pop up camper (see my post about my A Liner), I was under the impression that they are generally a smaller-style trailer that might not fit my family of 4. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The largest pop up campers, based on square footage, are from TrailManor. Their largest model (the 3124 Series) boasts over 220 sq ft of living space, and have a ceiling height over 7′, high enough for even the tallest campers.

In the following article I list the 4 largest pop up campers on the market today and provide you with a table of pop up camper dimensions so see what might be the best large pop up camper for your next adventure.

Four Largest Pop Up Campers

Largest Pop Up Camper: TrailManor 3124 Series

I think TrailManor campers are some of the coolest on the market today with a really innovative design. If you want all the room of a non-pop up camper, but something with a lower tow profile, then the TrailManor 3124 Series is a great option.

Trailer Dimensions

  • Cabin Height: 6.3 ft
  • Width: 7.9 ft
  • Cabin Length: 28.3 ft
  • Trailer Length: 24 ft
  • Living Space: 223.5 sq. ft.
  • Unloaded Weight (UVW): 3,140 – 3,200 lbs

TrailManor 3124 Series Campers offer a blend of luxury and convenience, perfect for families or those who love to travel in style.

Key features include a king-size bed, ample storage, and a hard-wall bathroom with a shower and tub. The kitchen is equipped with a three-burner stove, oven, sink, and refrigerator. For relaxation and entertainment, the living space is generous. Options like a front slide-out living room with a sofa bed or a slide-out dinette cater to different needs. Plus, the camper’s design allows for easy towing and a quick five-minute setup.

Largest Soft-Sided Pop Up Camper: MDC Robson XTT

The MDC Robson XTT Pop Up Camper is a beast of a pop up camper! It’s super if you’re looking for an off road pop up camper with a lot of space!

Trailer Dimensions

  • Cabin Height: 10.5 ft
  • Width: 7.8 ft
  • Cabin Length: 22.9 ft
  • Trailer Length: 19.3 ft
  • Living Space: 178.6 sq. ft.
  • Unloaded Weight (UVW): 3,854 lbs

The MDC Robson XTT Pop Up Camper is a rugged off road pop up camper designed for adventurous travelers. Its standout features include a heavy-duty independent suspension system, reinforced chassis, and off-road tires for tackling rough terrain.

The camper boasts a slide-out stainless steel kitchen with a 4-burner stove and ample storage compartments. With a spacious interior that includes a queen-size bed and optional bunk beds, it comfortably accommodates families and small groups.

Other notable features include a 120-liter water tank, LED lighting, and a versatile awning. The Robson XTT is ideal for off-grid camping, offering durability and functionality for remote adventures.

Largest Pop Up Camper for Headroom: Opus OP2 Air Tent

If you’re a tall individual, then finding a pop up camper with a good amount of headroom is key. If a pop up camper with a good amount of headroom is a key criteria for you, then the Opus OP2 Air Tent is a great option.

Trailer Dimensions

  • Cabin Height: 11.5 ft
  • Width: 7.6 ft
  • Cabin Length: 21.3 ft
  • Trailer Length: 18.1 ft
  • Living Space: 161.8 sq. ft.
  • Unloaded Weight (UVW): 3,244 lbs

The Opus OP2 pop up camper stands out with its air-inflatable design, providing ample headroom and living space. It comfortably sleeps up to three adults with a queen bed and boasts an outdoor kitchen for convenient meal preparation.

The camper is equipped with a privacy tent and portable toilet ans a hot water shower, ensuring comfort and convenience. Designed for off-road adventures, it features a robust suspension system, all-terrain tires, and a high ground clearance. The OP2 also offers off-grid capabilities, including a solar panel option, making it ideal for extended outdoor excursions.

Largest Lightweight Pop Up Camper: Viking Escape 9.0 TD

If you’re looking for a lightweight pop up camper, but don’t want to sacrifice living space, then check out the Viking Escape 9.0TD. I reviewed pop up campers with a unloaded weight less than 1500 lbs and the Viking Escape 9.0TD strikes the right balance between a lightweight pop up camper and a decent amount of living space.

Trailer Dimensions

  • Cabin Height: >6.4 ft
  • Width: 6.8 ft
  • Cabin Length: 13 ft
  • Trailer Length: 14.1 ft
  • Living Space: 88.4 sq. ft.
  • Unloaded Weight (UVW): 1,459 lbs

The Viking Escape 9.0TD is a compact and efficient pop up camper that offers a comfortable and convenient outdoor experience. Despite its light weight, it boasts a generous box size of 10 feet and an extended open length of 13 feet, providing ample space without the bulk.

A gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 2,150 pounds, allows for easy towing and maneuverability. The Escape 9.0TD combines the essentials of camping comfort with the ease of transport.

List of Current Pop Up Camper Sizes

I reviewed the current models of pop up camper on the market and summarized the weight, length, width, and height of each trailer you can find the right model that meets your needs and weight requirements.

If “NA” is listed for a camper metric, it’s because the manufacturer did not list that value on their product website. I will continue to update the table as I find additional information on each camper.

BrandModelUVWGVWRWidth (ft)Length (ft)Height (ft)Area (sq ft)
TrailManor3124 KB3140 lbs4735 lbs7.928.36.3223.57
TrailManor3124 KS3200 lbs4427 lbs7.928.36.3223.57
TrailManor3124 KD3200 lbs4427 lbs7.928.36.3223.57
TrailManor2922 KB3040 lbs4390 lbs7.926.36.3207.77
TrailManor2922 KB3130 lbs4480 lbs7.926.36.3207.77
TrailManor2922 KD3130 lbs4480 lbs7.926.36.3207.77
TrailManor2720 QB2960 lbs4293 lbs7.924.36.3191.97
TrailManor2720 QS3040 lbs4250 lbs7.924.36.3191.97
TrailManor2720 QD3040 lbs4250 lbs7.924.36.3191.97
MDC USAAusRV GT3854 lbs5512 lbs7.822.910.5178.62
MDC USARobson XTT3940 lbs5291 lbs7.822.910.6178.62
MDC USAAusRV LX4734 lbs5732 lbs7.822.910.6178.62
TrailManor2518 KB2580 lbs3300 lbs7.921.56.3169.85
TrailManor2518 KS2600 lbs3220 lbs7.921.56.3169.85
TrailManor2518 KD2600 lbs3220 lbs7.921.56.3169.85
OpusOP2 Air Tent3244 lbs4400 lbs7.621.311.5161.88
RockwoodHW2963562 lbs4999 lbs722.5NA157.5
FlagstaffHW29SC3562 lbs4999 lbs722.5NA157.5
Lifestyle CampersRECONN R4T5400 lbs7716 lbs6.922.410.1154.56
RockwoodHW2773334 lbs3880 lbs720.5NA143.5
FlagstaffHW27KS3334 lbs3880 lbs720.5NA143.5
Lifestyle CampersRECONN R44520 lbs6173 lbs6.621.69142.56
Rockwood2318G2458 lbs3263 lbs719NA133
Flagstaff228D2458 lbs3263 lbs719NA133
Taxa OutdoorsMantis 4.13115 lbs4200 lbs6.8197.8129.2
Taxa OutdoorsMantis Overland3486 lbs5000 lbs6.8197.8129.2
Coachmen128LS : Clipper LS2204 lbs3223 lbs718.3NA128.1
Viking2308LS2204 lbs3223 lbs718.3NA128.1
Lifestyle CampersRECONN R23417 lbs4850 lbs6.8189122.4
MDC USAJackson FF3455 lbs4409 lbs717.410.5121.8
Coachmen107LS : Clipper LS1801 lbs2938 lbs717.3NA121.1
Viking2107LS1801 lbs2938 lbs717.3NA121.1
Rockwood2280BHESP2578 lbs3838 lbs717.3NA121.1
Flagstaff228BHSE2578 lbs3838 lbs717.3NA121.1
Rockwood228SE2868 lbs3875 lbs717.3NA121.1
OpusOP4 Air Tent3100 lbs4200 lbs7.1178120.7
Safari CondoR17131825 lbs2700 lbs6.917.36.8119.37
Safari CondoR17231867 lbs2700 lbs6.917.36.8119.37
MDC USAExplorer FF3028 lbs4409 lbs71710.1119
Lifestyle CampersICONN EVO3197 lbs4409 lbs6.6189118.8
Lifestyle CampersICONN E23197 lbs4409 lbs6.6189118.8
Flagstaff23SCSE2952 lbs3794 lbs716.9NA118.3
V-TrecV22581 lbs3790 lbs716.8NA117.6
Rockwood1940LTD1685 lbs2322 lbs716.5NA115.5
Flagstaff206LTD1685 lbs2322 lbs716.5NA115.5
Coachmen1285SST2840 lbs3296 lbs716.4NA114.8
Viking2485SST2840 lbs3296 lbs716.4NA114.8
ConquerorUEV-4903800 lbs4800 lbs6.716.8NA112.56
Rockwood1940F2147 lbs3244 lbs715.8NA110.6
Flagstaff206M2147 lbs3244 lbs715.8NA110.6
Rockwood2514F2673 lbs3295 lbs715.6NA109.2
Flagstaff425M2673 lbs3295 lbs715.6NA109.2
Coachmen12.0 TD Pro2493 lbs3840 lbs715.5NA108.5
Viking12.0 TD Pro2493 lbs3840 lbs715.5NA108.5
Tribe TrailersExpedition 5003600 lbs4100 lbs7.115.29.5107.92
Rockwood1970ESP2246 lbs2998 lbs715.1NA105.7
Flagstaff207SE2246 lbs2998 lbs715.1NA105.7
Rockwood1640 LTD1514 lbs2292 lbs714.5NA101.5
Flagstaff176 LTD1514 lbs2292 lbs714.5NA101.5
Coachmen860LS LTD1577 lbs2942 lbs714.5NA101.5
Rockwood1980P2041 lbs3296 lbs714.5NA101.5
Flagstaff2082041 lbs3296 lbs714.5NA101.5
Coachmen108ST1863 lbs2687 lbs7.114.1NA100.11
Viking2108ST1863 lbs2687 lbs7.114.1NA100.11
Coachmen860XLS1642 lbs2897 lbs714NA98
Viking1706XLS : Viking LS1642 lbs2897 lbs714NA98
RockwoodA213HW2670 lbs3372 lbs714NA98
FlagstaffT21TBHW2670 lbs3372 lbs714NA98
RockwoodA214HW2700 lbs3353 lbs714NA98
FlagstaffT21DMHW2700 lbs3353 lbs714NA98
Coachmen12.0 TD MAX2164 lbs3720 lbs713.9NA97.3
Viking12.0 TD MAX2164 lbs3720 lbs713.9NA97.3
Rockwood1910ESP2341 lbs3110 lbs713.8NA96.6
Flagstaff206STSE2341 lbs3110 lbs713.8NA96.6
V-TrecV33217 lbs4427 lbs713.8NA96.6
ChaletXL-19201995 lbs3500 lbs6.6148.692.4
ChaletXL-19301995 lbs3500 lbs6.6148.692.4
ChaletXL-19352165 lbs3500 lbs6.6148.692.4
CoachmenEscape 9.0TD1459 lbs2150 lbs6.813>6.488.4
VikingEscape 9.0TD1459 lbs2150 lbs6.813>6.488.4
ALinerScout-Lite1180 lbs3000 lbs6.513NA84.5
ALinerRanger 101300 lbs3000 lbs6.513NA84.5
RockwoodA122S2120 lbs3284 lbs712NA84
FlagstaffT12RBST2120 lbs3284 lbs712NA84
Coachmen12.0 TD PremierNA3720 lbs712NA84
Viking12.0 TD PremierNA3720 lbs712NA84
V-TrecV42790 lbs3897 lbs6.312NA75.6
Coachmen9.0TD : Clipper Express1587 lbs2172 lbs6.811.1NA75.48
Viking9.0TD : Viking Express1587 lbs2172 lbs6.811.1NA75.48
VikingExplore 9.0 TD1724 lbs2245 lbs6.811.1NA75.48
CoachmenExplore 9.0 TD1724 lbs2245 lbs6.811.1NA75.48
Viking1760LS LTD1577 lbs2942 lbs710.3NA72.1
SylvansportGO840 lbs1650 lbs710.36.572.1
KamparooVacationer725 lbsNA15.54.6771.3
KamparooTrans-Continental840 lbsNA15.54.6771.3
FlagstaffF17OTG1230 lbs2266 lbs710NA70
RockwoodR19OTG1230 lbs2266 lbs710NA70
ChaletAlpine1505 lbs3000 lbs6.3118.469.3
ChaletArrowhead1585 lbs3000 lbs6.3118.469.3
Taxa OutdoorsCricket Overland1978 lbs3000 lbs5.312.36.865.19
Taxa OutdoorsCricket1800 lbs2700 lbs5.2512.36.864.575
RockwoodR16OTG1280 lbs2241 lbs78NA56
FlagstaffF14OTG1281 lbs2242 lbs78NA56
ChaletLTW900 lbs2000 lbs6.38.87.855.44
KamparooCargo Utility1140 lbs1840 lbs57.25736.25
TentraxOverlook500 lbs1800 lbs4.67.8NA35.88
TentraxAscend600 lbs1800 lbs48NA32
Taxa OutdoorsTigerMoth Overland1458 lbs2400 lbs4.756.64.531.35
Off Grid TrailersExpedition 2.01700 lbs3500 lbs4.76.63.831.02
Taxa OutdoorsTigerMoth1310 lbs2200 lbs4.56.64.529.7
SylvansportTRAILOFT117 lbsNA4.26.83.428.56
Taxa OutdoorsWoolyBear1270 lbs2100 lbsNANANANA
Off Grid TrailersSwitchback1300 lbs3500 lbsNANANANA
ALinerScout1395 lbs3000 lbs6.5NANANA
Taxa OutdoorsWoolyBear Overland1400 lbs2200 lbsNANANANA
ALinerRanger 121450 lbs3000 lbs6.5NANANA
Tribe TrailersExpedition1654 lbs3307 lbsNANANANA
ALinerClassic1725 lbs3000 lbs6.5NANANA
ALinerLXE1795 lbs3000 lbs6.5NANANA
ALinerExpedition1850 lbs3500 lbs7NANANA
ALinerEvolution2000 lbs3000 lbs6.5NANANA
OpusOP Lite Air Tent2380 lbs3527 lbsNANANANA


Finding the right sized pop up camper for you and your family is key to ensuring you have enough space to all enjoy the camper. The largest pop up camper might not be best for your circumstances, but finding a trailer that is the right size for your needs, and that can be hauled by your vehicle is an important consideration.

By providing you with an overview of the sizes of pop up campers on the market today, I hope to make the search for the perfect camper easier.

If size is not the most important factor in your search, consider checking out our list of off road pop up campers, or our list of pop up camper weights to determine what can be towed by your specific vehicle.

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