BleedCease: The Best Way To Stop A Nosebleed Fast

By Ryan Wilson

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If you spend much time outdoors camping, hiking, or backpacking, chances are you’ve had a nosebleed that was hard to get under control. Regardless of why they start, we want to get nosebleeds under control fast! That’s where a product to stop nosebleeds like BleedCease can help. 

Unfortunately, I suffer from chronic nosebleeds, especially dry air nosebleeds while recreating outside. I was getting sick of just using tissues to stop the nosebleeds because they rarely controlled the bleeding. Even if tissue did stop the bleeding, once I removed it, it often removed the clot and the bleeding began again.

I have been on the search for a product that will stop my nosebleeds quickly and that won’t cause a new bleed to start when I remove it from my nose.

Thankfully I finally found a product that stops my nosebleeds in their track: BleedCease.

In this article I’ll provide an overview of BleedCease, how they work, and why they should be part of any first aid kit, even if you don’t suffer frequent nosebleeds.

Review of BleedCease: How To Stop a Nosebleed Fast

BleedCease for stopping nosebleeds and minor cuts


  • Stops bloody noses fast
  • Removal won’t cause re-bleeding
  • Can be used to stop bleeding from minor cuts and scratches
  • Made from natural materials that promote clotting


  • Packaging is not waterproof, so care must be taken to avoid getting pads wet

I’ve used BleedCease on some of my worst nosebleeds and have always been able to get them under control quickly. On a recent flight I had the most significant nosebleed I’ve ever had. I was so happy I had BleedCease pads in my carry-on luggage.

What could have been a messy, embarrassing, and unpleasant situation, was quickly resolved with BleedCease. I literally carry them everywhere I go now. And they are in every one of my first aid kits!

How to use BleedCease

BleedCease is painless and easy to apply. Simply twist the gauze-like pad, fold it in half, and placing it up the nostril until it is flush with the base of the nose.

Then leave in place for up to 30 minutes to ensure your nosebleed stops.

I rarely leave BleedCease in place for more than 5 minutes and have always had success in controlling my nosebleeds.

*Please note that BleedCease is not cleared by the FDA for use by children twelve and under to control nosebleeds.

BleedCease Overview

BleedCease comes individually packaged and are sterile as long as the package remains unopened. Each package is labeled with its expiration date. BleedCease have a 4 year shelf life. 

BleedCease in sterile packaging with expiration date.
BleedCease in sterile packaging
BleedCease pad after removal from packaging
BleedCease after removing from packaging

BleedCease pads are approximately 2″ x 0.5″ (5 cm x 1.25 cm). They have a slightly rough texture, similar to fiberglass insulation, but not so rough as to be uncomfortable. And once blood soaks into BleedCease, a gel is formed making them fit comfortably in your nose. They are also odorless. 

There are also many positive testimonials from users of BleedCease which say the product works great to control their bleeding.

Because of blood thinners I get nosebleeds 3 to 4 times a year that don’t stop for hours. Sometimes so bad, I have to go to the emergency room to have them pack it. Tonight I got one for 5 hours and a friend told me about NasalCEASE. I went to a 24 hour CVS pharmacy in a near by town. I put in a NasalCEASE in the parking lot and my nosebleed had stopped by the time I got home.

I really like these. I have chronic nose bleeds that will not stop. ENT was no help. I keep these in every purse, room and in my cars. 1 will do it. Other gauze options do
not stop the bleep this does.

L. Castro, Amazon Reviewer

How Does BleedCease Work?

BleedCease contains a natural product, calcium alginate, derived from brown seaweed. According to the manufacturer, there are no known side effects.

When BleedCease comes into contact with blood, it releases calcium ions which promote clotting and accelerates the coagulation of blood to stop the bleed. 

BleedCease vs NasalCease

Both BleedCease and NasalCease are the same product with the same features and active ingredient to help control bleeding. The only difference between the two products are how many come in the package. BleedCease comes in packs of 25 or 100, whereas NasalCease comes in packages of 5. 

Other Uses for BleedCease

From personal experience I can tell you that BleedCease works great for controlling my nosebleed. But the same natural polymer that helps control a nosebleed can also help control bleeding from cuts, nicks, and abrasions. 

The size and shape of BleedCease make them perfect for cuts from shaving or cuts from kitchen mishaps. 


Nosebleeds are obnoxious, messy, and embarrassing. Getting them under control is thus a priority. After years of suffering from nosebleeds, I’m so happy I finally find BleedCease. They quickly control my bloody noses and don’t lead to re-bleeds like other products or tissues.

BleedCease is easy to use and should be in everyone’s first aid kits, even if you don’t suffer nosebleeds regularly. I also love that they serve two purposes: stopping bleeding for nosebleeds and minor cuts.

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