The Best Air Mattress Patch Kit to Avoid Deflated Nights

By Ryan Wilson

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the best air mattress patch kit

Air mattresses are a convenient and comfortable solution for adding extra sleeping space or ensuring a good night’s sleep while camping. However, it can be quite frustrating when you discover that your air mattress has developed a leak. That’s why you need the best air mattress patch kit on hand!

In all my years of camping, I’ve had the unpleasant experience of waking up in the middle of the night with a deflated air mattress multiple times.  Thankfully, I had the right tools on hand to patch the mattress quickly so I could get back to sleep. I want to make sure you do too!

In this article, I’ll take a closer look at the best air mattress patch kits available on the market. I also provide tips on how to find a hole in an air mattress. With the right air mattress patch kit close at hand, you can enjoy a good night’s sleep without worrying about your deflating air mattress.

The Best Air Mattress Patch Kit: Overall

tear aid

Tear-Aid Type B

Tear-Aid Type B is a patch kit for inflatable objects made of vinyl, like the majority of air mattresses.


  • The patches are easy to affix
  • Can be easily cut to size
  • Able to conform to irregular surfaces
  • Doesn’t require any additional adhesives
  • See-through so can be used on any colored air mattress


  • Only comes with one patch which needs to be cut to size. But it’s large enough it should be enough for multiple repairs.
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The Tear-Aid Air Mattress Patch Kit is an essential tool for anyone who owns inflatable items. It is made from a unique, patented formula that guarantees airtight and watertight repairs for any tear or puncture.

The Tear-Aid Air Mattress Patch Kit is incredibly easy to use, making it suitable for both seasoned users and beginners. Simply clean the damaged area, arrange the transparent patch over the hole, and apply pressure for a few seconds to ensure proper adhesion.

The adhesive bond created is incredibly strong, flexible, and durable, allowing your air mattress for camping to once-again hold air for a good night’s sleep.

The Best Air Mattress Patch Kit For Heavy-Duty Repairs

pvc stitch

PVC Stitch

The PVC-Stitch Air Mattress Patch Kit is another great kit for patching an air mattress or other vinyl or PVC device.


  • Capable of repairing heavy-duty tears, or tears on rugged gear like rafts
  • Easy to apply
  • Patch is reinforced for a sturdy repair
  • Works on vinyl and PVC


  • Requires application of glue to apply patch
  • Takes 2 hours to cure: not great for a middle of the night repair
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The PVC Stitch air mattress patch kit is the ultimate solution for fixing tears, rips, and holes in your air mattress for camping.

Designed for heavy-duty repairs, the PVC Stitch air mattress patch kit includes everything you need to restore your air mattress to its original condition.

The kit includes a strong adhesive that bonds quickly and securely, ensuring a long-lasting repair. It also comes with a durable PVC patch material that is resistant to water, UV rays, and extreme weather conditions.

The PVC Stitch air mattress patch kit is simple to use. Simply cut the patch to the desired size, apply the adhesive, and press firmly onto the damaged area. The waterproof and flexible patch provides a seamless repair, ensuring your air mattress is good as new.

How to Patch an Air Mattress with a Velvet Covering?

Many air mattresses on the market today, such Intex air mattresses have a velvet covering over the vinyl. Unfortunately, most air mattress patch kits require a smooth surface to apply the patch. Thankfully, it is an easy obstacle to overcome.

Simply take a razor and shave off the velvet fibers until you are only left with the smooth vinyl surface of the air mattress. Then apply the air mattress patch as you would for any air mattress without velvet.

Why Does an Air Mattress Deflate?

There are two primary reasons why an air mattress will deflate. The first is there is some form of hole in the air mattress. This can be the result of a puncture, a cut, or a failing seam on the air mattress. These types of leaks require patching to fully-fix. But if the leak is small and slow enough, you may be able to just re-inflate the air mattress each time it gets low.

The other reason an air mattress deflates is just through the slow loss of air through existing valves. These are generally a much slower leak and just require re-inflating the mattress to your desired level of pressure.

How to Find a Hole in an Air Mattress

To find a hole in an air mattress, there are a few methods you can try. Below I detail three common methods. I typically use the soapy water method below if I have a hole in my air mattress. All of the methods detailed below should start with a fully-inflated air mattress.

How to Find a Hole in an Air Mattress with Soapy Water

Fill a spray bottle with water and add a little bit of dish soap. Inflate the mattress and then spray the soapy water all over the surface. Pay close attention to any areas where bubbles start to form.

The air escaping from the hole will cause the soapy water to create bubbles, indicating the location of the leak. Once you find the hole, you can patch it up using an air mattress patch kit.

How to Find a Hole in an Air Mattress with Smoke

Start by inflating the mattress fully and placing it in a well-ventilated area. Then, grab a small piece of incense, and carefully move it around the mattress surface. If there is a hole, you will see the smoke being sucked into the mattress at that spot.

This method works because the air escaping from the hole creates a small vacuum that pulls the smoke inside. You may also see the flame flicker as it passes by the leaking air.

How to Find a Hole in an Air Mattress with Your Sense of Touch and Sound

One low-tech method that I’ll sometimes employ to find a leak in my air mattress is moving my cheek along the surface of the air mattress. I listen for the sound of escaping air and once I hear it, I move closer to the source. I then try to pin-point the leak by feeling the escaping air with my cheek. It is a pretty effective technique for smaller-sized air mattresses.

Air Mattress Valve Leak Repair

Air mattress valve leaks can be a frustrating problem to encounter. These leaks are usually caused by a hole in the valve or a damaged valve itself. However, repairing an air mattress valve leak can be a relatively simple process.

There are several repair methods that can be used to fix the valve leak depending on the severity of the damage. For small holes or cracks, an air mattress patch kit can be used. This involves applying a patch to the damaged area with or without adhesive (depending on the air mattress patch kit type).

For larger holes or damage to the valve itself, a replacement valve may be necessary. This can be done by removing the old valve and attaching a new one in its place. Just ensure that the replacement valve will fit on your air mattress.


Air mattresses can make all the difference between a great night’s sleep while camping and one where you’re stiff and sore all the next day. Ensuring you have a robust air mattress patch kit on hand when camping can make all the difference!

When buying an air mattress patch kit, ensure that it will work with the material your mattress is made of. I would also recommend picking a patch kit that does not require a separate adhesive be applied because that’s the last thing you’ll want to do in the middle of the night.

The Tear-Aid Air Mattress Patch Kit is my top choice because it is easy to apply, doesn’t require any curing, and can conform to many irregular shapes.

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