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So many sites are focussed on gear recommendations for RVs, but few provide specific information for owners of smaller camping trailers. That is why The Camper Advisor was established; to provide objective information specific to camping and exploring the world in small to medium-sized campers.

My name is Ryan, and I’m the creator of The Camper Advisor. I am an avid outdoor recreationist who is passionate about camping, backpacking, hiking, and about any other activity that allows me to explore the great outdoors. Once my wife and I started our family, however, it became increasingly difficult to do the outdoor activities that we used to gravitate towards. One summer, we decided to rent a camper to see how that might work for camping with young kids. It was a game changer! So, the next summer we purchased our own and haven’t looked back since.

Having a camper has made it so much easier to go on long camping trips with our young kids and expose them to the beauty beyond our home town! We live in Alaska, so our summers are AMAZING but short. Having a camper has allowed us to extend our camping season by at least two months compared to simply car camping with a tent. We are also less concerned about the weather conditions because of the camper, thus helping us get in more camping trips each year! We have no regrets and love camper ownership!

In addition to having over three decades of outdoor recreation experience, I have a Ph.D. in Wildlife Biology, so have spent a lot of time living and working in remote field conditions. To be prepared for these environments, I became a Certified Wilderness First Responder. These experiences help shape my recommendations as I want reliable gear that can withstand harsh conditions, especially in Alaska. My professional background also allows me to provide science-based advice on how to harmoniously camp with wildlife, both big and small.

I hope my background and passion about camper camping helps make your time in the outdoors as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible



Founder of The Camper Advisor

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